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This handy page is a summary of the many styles of European tapestries offered in our collection. Click on an image to view all the tapestry art wallhangings in its category.   
Medieval – Bayeux Tapestry. From the French 11th century embroidered history.
Medieval – wine and feasts. Loire Valley "mille fleurs" 15th century winemaking.
Medieval – Lady with the Unicorn. Cluny Museum - famous tapestries illustrating the senses.
Medieval – knights and castles. From the days of chivalry and jousting.
Medieval – others. Hunt for the Unicorn series, falconry, lords and ladies, gothic.
Arts and Crafts. William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelites. Also Flower Fairies.
Floral – still life. Classical fruit and flower paintings and tapestry art.
Floral – bouquets. Our most popular section. Rich, elegant weaving.
Floral – others. Traditional and contemporary. Includes chenille wall hangings, throws.
Fine Art – Old Masters, religious. Including Michelangelo, da Vinci, Raphael and Constable.
Fine Art – Impressionist, 19th & 20th c. Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir and contemporaries.
Elegance – Lake Como. Popular scenes from the late 18th century, woven in Italy.
Elegance – 17th & 18th c. France. The reigns of Louis XIV, XV – Boucher, Fragonard etc.
Elegance – others. Formal tapestries, gobelins. Also Belgian chenille wall-hangings.
Landscapes – Francois Boucher romantics. Idyllic pastoral settings. Italian.
Landscapes – others. A variety of verdure, hunting and more modern scenes.
Miscellaneous. Animals, birds, maps, nautical and more. All European.
Tablecloths, throws. Heavy and decorative. Some can be low-traffic area rugs.
Table runners. Enhance a table or buffet top. Woven in France and Belgium.
Bellpulls. To decorate a slim space. With hanger and tassel. Belgian, French.
Borders. Buy by the yard to edge drapes or plain rugs, carpets. For tie-backs, crafts.
Cushion covers/panels – medieval. Pillows, small hangings or just unfinished panels.
Cushion covers/panels – Lady with the Unicorn. Cluny Museum treasures in small sizes.
Cushion covers/panels – Flower Fairies, Beatrix Potter. Cicely Mary Barker, Peter Rabbit.
Cushion covers/panels – floral. Traditional, modern flowers for covers, framing, upholstery.
Cushion covers/panels – others. Animals, birds, teddy bears, seashells, sports, maps etc.

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